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How To Become More Fashionable
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You just want to be the best of you in your own world right! And this is why you were finding good tips to be the best, be more fashionable. Then let me ask you something. What do you mean by fashion?

Fashion is not more than your inner you. Most of the people find them as ugly, as all people are communicating with them but they are not reliable with him/her. They think they are old styled and this is why people are not getting closer. This is the place most of the people make a big mistake. Look around you. People you are thinking are most famous and fashionable are not worrying about it. Why? As I said, fashion is not just the best of inner you. You need to be your best and you need to do what you like to do. And this is how new people becomes new fashion star.

Look at the very beginning of showbiz. Stars were casual and well dressed. Marline Monroe is the women changed the trend of fashion of this world. How? What do you think about Angelina Jolie? Is she is the only one women of this world is more pretty and more fashionable? The answer must be no. Because we did not seen all the women of the world and all the women are not been published in media. Then when she smiles, why we think it is the best smile?

Lot of examples and questions like this will be found and you will get lot of why’s and how’s. But the answer is one. They found there inner best and this is why they are most fashionable in the world. If you want to change you, your style and find your inner best, just follow the steps bellow.

1. Be confident:

style=”text-align: justify;”>You lose your inner one just because of lacking’s of your confidence. You find your near people as more beautiful, more fashionable and more ideal and you are the ugliest one. They are ideal, beautiful because they have their best confident. Be more confident in your place. No matter what you do, what you wear, what you like, what people talking about you, just love yourself and do everything with confidence. Because, if you are wearing a cheap cloth that is not suitable with you, when you have confidence, it becomes the best one.

Believe yourself

2. Appreciate your thoughts:

People lose their confidence just because of they follow other people. You should appreciate your thoughts if you are going to change your style. Follow the good things of people and avoid the bad things. Take a paper and note down what you like to do. Share your speech with everyone. One thing is getting support by most of the people does not mean you have to follow them. Talk with your mind and share your feelings with all.

3. Always smile:

Always smile does not mean smile all the time. Be funnier with people and when you are making fun, don’t think about anything that hurts you. It will get closer with people and make you fresh in mind. Keep in mind, “Smile is the only one think that can buy everything without any cost”.

4. Be Happy:

Try to be happy in every situation and with everyone. When you are losing something does mean you are going to get a good one. Wait for that one. People around you always want people to be happy and friendly with him. Pass some time with your family, friends and other people. Tell them, you are happy being with them. This is how people will get closer to you and will find your best.


5. Get fitter:

You must note that people you are thinking are most fashionable are fit in their body and mind. If you are carrying some extra pounds, try to lose it. Try to shape your body. You can do it with diet or exercise or combining both. It is important because most of the people firstly try to understand how fit you are and then they check your wear.

6. Neat and Clean:

It is very much important in the question of fashion. I you want to be an ideal in ugly peoples world, you don’t need to think about it. But you are going to be an ideal in neat and clean world right? So, it is the matter of concern that how much neat and clean you are.

7. Fix your hair:

Hair is an important part of body that can change the look of your getup. So, when you are dressing up, look at your hair. Is it suitable with your dress? Is this is how you wanted to make you look in? If you are confused with your hair style, talk with your near one and if you can, talk with a specialist in hair style. Try to change your hair style when you are going out. It will change your look and people will find a new you. Dress up with ugly hair means you are really ugly.


8. Take care of your skin:

The condition of your skin can change the whole statement of you. Before you are going to change your style, you should be more careful about your skin. Note the condition of your skin. If it is not in good condition, talk with a specialist soon. It could be complement whatever you are wearing.

9. Choose the best dress:

One dress does not match with everyone. Your friend is choosing a good dress for her does not mean it is the best dress and it will be good for you too. Therefore, chose a suitable dress when you are buying cloth or dressing up. Note where are you going or which party you are going to attend and which dress will be suitable. Also keep in mind of your comfortableness. If you are wearing a good dress but you are not comfortable will affect your whole look.

10. Take care of your nails:

Nails can add more beauty in your style. It does not mean you need bigger nails. Cut your nails every week so that you can be healthier. But if bignails are necessary with getup, you can add a fake one. Polish your nails with suitable color with your getup.

12. Makeup:

If you have good clean skin, you don’t need to worry about makeup. You can adapt in every situation. But sometimes it is necessary when you are going to attend a party. Heavy makeup is not good for your skin. You can take heavy makeup if necessary but try to reduce it. Learn, how to make up, which make up will suitable in which situation.

13. Shoes and Belts:

Shoes and belts are more important in style. It changes your look and people do not miss what shoes you are wearing. Is it matches with your belt? How much good it is or how much suitable with your getup? Chose a good shoe pair and also with comfortableness in mind. You don’t need to wear belts all time but when you are wearing, try to match it with your dress up and most importantly with your shoes.

14. Handbag:

Handbag is important in women’s fashion. It focuses on you how you are or what do you do. Also all handbags do not match with everyone. If you are taller than you can choose bigger one and if you are not taller than you can choose a medium one. It also depends on thickness. So, when you are buying a handbag, firstly think about your dresses and in which style it will suitable.

15. Jewelry and Accessories:

And the last thing is about jewelry and accessories. A woman without jewelry is such as ocean without water. Therefore, you must focus in it. Try to use simple and little jewelry suitable with your get up every time. Carry necessary accessories with you in your handbag so that you can use them anytime. Such as, you must carry tissues and water so that you can clean yourself if necessary. Carrying water is most important because you need to drink lot of water every day but sometimes water can’t be found. Water keeps your skin younger.


16. Color:

It doesn’t matter whatever you are white or black. But you must have a good knowledge about color combination. Color is the most important thing in fashion. Imagine black shirt with green pant. Is it a good combination? So, whenever you are getting up, keep the color combination in mind. Like, what dress you are wearing? Is it matched? What is the matching color in lips and nails with this dress? You need to color your hair or not and lot more.

If you are confused about anything like choosing right decision about dressing up, you can follow the stars or your fashion idle. Note tips about beautification and fashion as much you can. Talk with your friends about their choice. It will help you to make decision. And the last thing you need to keep in mind as Mr. Bill Gates said, “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do so, you are insulting yourself”. Do whatever you love to do, love your work, love your people and be happy with everything. In return, you will get a lot of love from everyone and you will be one of the idle among your known people.

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