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How to Become Popular Online ?

Our day start with Internet, ends with the same. facebook, twitter, orkut, instagram…. accept it or not we all want a great social life, but you need to be funny, sensible and flirty at the same time to achieve this.

Here are some tips to help you out:

Be politically correct:

The first thing to remember online is to make sure you don’t make anyone angry. It’s very easy to say something wrong. Make sure your tone isn’t sexist, feminist or racist. Such labels, once attached, tend to stick.

Be different:

This is extremely important. A potato will always stick out in a cart of tomatoes. Why? The potato isn’t special; it is just different from the other tomatoes. Be a potato. Don’t be the same, don’t think the same and don’t say the same things online. If everyone is talking about cupcakes, talk about ants. Never follow the herd.

Don’t be irritating:

Don’t hammer the people who don’t respond to your friend requests or comments. You would probably end up getting blocked.

Be funny:

Write a funny joke, record a funny video, draw a funny cartoon or give updates. Updates are the best way to stay connected with people. Entertaining updates are most likely to make you famous. Do something that is engaging and will give people a chance to laugh a little while going about their mundane lives. People will owe you and won’t abandon you.

Be nice:

Being nice will never go out of fashion. Acting like you don’t care may appear cool, but at the end of the day, people don’t like being treated poorly, and a little appreciation always helps. Hiding behind a screen doesn’t give you the authority to be rude to people. So, be nice to people and good things will follow.

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