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How to clean hairdryer Easily ?

We all use our hair dryers daily but do you remember the last time you have cleaned it. Cleaning your hairdryers increases its efficiency and will also increase its life. Hair dryers do trap lots of dusts and allergens which may cause harmful side effects on your health.So its important to clean your hair dryers timely, so today we are gonna tell you how to clean your hair dryers super quickly.

Clean your hair dryer easily with these 2 simple steps:

  • Remove the back grill/cover over the motor.
  • Brush off the dust, or use your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and build up. Replace the cover.


Important note – inspect the nozzle to see if there are any marks or product build up and give it a wipe clean with a damp cloth.

So, go and clean your hair dryer in a super fast and easy way.

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