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How to do Indoor exercises during winters ?

The physical activity increases energy levels, strengthens the heart, muscles and bones, combat buy Pregabalin online australia anxiety and stress , and helps burn calories . With these advantages few would think that might affect health. However, the exercise outdoors in winterdamages the airways. Avoid risks and know how to exercise indoors .

In winter you have frequent exposure to low temperatures, which adds increased environmental pollution , because between December and January inversion, natural phenomenon refers to the change in position of hot and cold air intensifies, as the first tends to rise because it is lightweight and second down because it is heavier, then, because the contaminated gases and solid particles are cooled in winter wind, it tends to accumulate a few meters from the surface.

The inversion is generally more intense in the morning hours in which many people usually running, jogging, walking or cycling.For this reason, it is essential to note that one of the risks ofoutdoor exercise in winter is breathing air filled with smog , because it contains high concentrations of ozone, a substance that causes respiratory tract irritation , sore throat , cough, uncomfortable feeling in the chest.

But that’s not all, the smog also reduces lung function (because it damages the cells that line the air spaces in these organs) and decreases the ability of the immune system, so there is susceptibility to infections of the respiratory system ( bacterial or viral), such as:

  • Flu . Condition characterized by causing runny nose , cough, sore throat, sneezing, fever and / or joint pain.
  • Influenza . Flu-like infection, but more severe.
  • Laryngitis . Inflammation of the larynx, respiratory organ located between the pharynx (muscular tube located on the back of the mouth) and trachea (airway); cause hoarseness or loss of voice, malaise, sore throat , fever, discomfort when swallowing food and wet cough.
  • Pharyngitis . Throat infection or back of the mouth to the esophagus leads food; generates sore throat and head, lack of appetite, altered taste, excessive accumulation of mucus or phlegm, fever, cough and, in some cases, suffocation.
  • Tonsillitis . Inflammation of the areas on either side of the throat to protect; damaged tissues become enlarged and observed bloodshot, may even look covered with a gray or yellowish white layer, and is manifested by burning and sore throat , difficulty swallowing, fever, excessive salivation, vomiting, loss of appetite and pain ears.
  • Adenoid infection . These structures are tissues between nose and throat, whose function is to trap germs that enter the body through breathing; because these guards are in frequent contact with microbes are at high risk of infection, which causesdifficulty breathing through the nose, snoring, apnea (cessation of breathing for a few seconds during sleep), nasal congestion , night cough, otic fullness and hearing loss.
  • Bronchitis . Suffering extending the bronchi (tubes that carry air to the lungs) and inflamed, besides causing runny nose , fatigue, chills, sore throat, muscle aches, headache, fever, dry cough and after 1 or two days there with yellow or green sputum phlegm and shortness of breath.
  • Bronchopneumonia . Infection of violent and sudden onset that generates inflammation in lungs and bronchi (tubes that enter the air), which leads to respiratory disorders if not treated promptly can lead to death. It causes fever and chills with sweating for more than three days; no breathing, fatigue, severe cough and headache.
  • Pneumonia . It is also known as pneumonia and is characterized by severely damage the lungs, high fever (sometimes over 40 ° C), dry cough , shortness of breath , chills, sweating, chest pain, skin becomes blue (cyanosis ), green secretions are expelled and no confusion.
  • Tuberculosis . Infection caused by the bacteriumMicobacteryum tuberculosis manifested by weakness, malaise, loss of weight and appetite, fever, night sweats, severe coughing, bloody sputum and chest pain. Although most often affects the lungs, it can spread to other organs such as skin, bones, lymph nodes (defense mechanisms), liver, spleen, intestine, spinal cord and brain, so if not diagnosed early or be treated, it can end the life.

How to exercise in winter? The choice of gym

Doctors recommend avoiding physical activity outdoors in winter for the above reasons, but this does not change the bike for video games or television, but suspend the exercise outdoors. Ideally sport indoors, for example, a gym or any room in the house.

The indoor exercise is important because of the high level ofsedentary lifestyle (lack of exercise and spend much time sitting) and obesity in the Mexican population.

Now, if you want to exercise at home you should consider some important aspects of choosing a gym , to avoid bad experiences or misconceptions regarding the establishment:

  • Location . It is preferably located near the home or office, as this prevents the transfer cause laziness.
  • Guidance and control . Trainers should be highly trained and have the willingness to guide and design workouts, plus answer questions and concerns.
  • Ventilation and cleaning . The gym should be ventilated and comply with all rules of hygiene.
  • Friendly atmosphere . Should always find out in advance what kind of people frequent the place, because the more we identify with them, the better we will adapt.
  • Equipment . It is not necessary that the gym is fitted with the most modern and sophisticated equipment, just that they are in good condition and are suitable to exercise every part of the body.
  • Timetable . They must be flexible, as this will allow better program time devoted to physical activity.
  • Costs and contracts . Asked which activities include monthly, as there are places where dance classes are offered spinning(including exercise using stationary bike in different speeds and positions, accompanied by music) or aerobics with extra cost, so do not you will carry surprises.

Remember it is very important to have advice from fitness trainers, exercise seems easy because the devices need to know the technique use to avoid injury; in addition, always remember that training must be progressive and include fitness with weights,aerobics and stretching.

Physical activity in the comfort of home

If you consider best option to perform exercise at home , either because you have a very complicated schedule or you find it more comfortable, it is not necessary that you have many devices to exercise at home , you only have a stationary bike or a treadmill and pair of dumbbells.

The first two allow you to have good aerobic workout, which promotes breathing, heart function and loss of calories; regarding weights, you should acquire which are provided with removable disks to decrease or increase the weight easily. If you have doubts about what exercises to practice at home , keep in mind you can:

  • See a doctor before exercising . When someone does not usually practice these activities and has decided to start the exercise, you need to consult a general practitioner to evaluate your health and recommend the routine to do at home or more suitable gym.
  • They support you with specialized video , we show you how to position yourself correctly with the right techniques. They are excellent for training and feel motivad @ therefore include specific routines that you follow.
  • Seek the advice of fitness trainers . You go to a gym to seek the advice of a qualified instructor training and nutrition.
  • Make warm up , regardless of physical condition you have, you should never forget to warm, allowing you to prepare your body for training and avoid injury.
  • Uses the resources of your house . If you have stairs you can use them for walking, running or jumping jacks series. You can also jump rope on a patio or room with enough space.
  • It includes strength training at home . You can use the floor to do push-ups, crunches or sit. If you do not have much space, place your back against a wall and squat Use it for body weight.
  • Use your furniture to exercise at home . You can use a chair to do pushups triceps or use two for lying dominated by placing the ends of a strong tube on the surfaces of two sturdy chairs of equal height.


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