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How to Find the Purpose of Life ?

Finding the purpose of life is not that difficult as it seems to…. For living the meaningfully, you need to have some purpose and some goals.

Formerly a Disney Executive, Adam Leipzig is the CEO of Entertainment Media Partners, an American film and theatre producer, film executive and writer has made it easy for you . All you have to do is answer these five simple questions:

1. Who are you?

This one’s easy; it’s just your name.

2. What do you do?

This one could be anything that you love to do – banking, writing, teaching, cooking, raising children, etc. If you’re a little unsure about what the answer should be, Leipzig suggests that you pick an activity that you think you would be able to teach somebody else how to do really well.

3. Who do you do it for?

This is an easy one again. Whatever activity that you said you do, who do you do it for?

4. What do those people want or need from you?

The people that you do this activity for, what do they want or need from you? What do they come to you for?

5. How do they change as a result of what you give them?

How do you change their lives?

Let’s understand the power of these statements.

Only two of these questions are about you; the remaining three are about other people. This forces you to look outward, away from yourself and towards the people whose lives you are changing. The happiest and the most successful people in any field are the people who are outward-facing, because they are always focused more on the people that they serve, instead of how they are being served by others. Realising your own life’s purpose will make you a much happier person, because you now understand how your life is benefitting the lives of others.

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