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How to Get Rid of Bad Body Odor ?

We all want to smell like a blossom. But you can’t take help of perfumes every time, because it is temporary. You are sometimes embarrassed of your offensive body smell. You can easily get rid of that bad body body odor by simple tricks.

Here are some of the essential tips to cater with sweat and to avoid them.

1. Shower them out

Body odour is created when the bacteria living on the epidermis gets in contact with the sweat released through the pores. Although sweating is embarrassing, it is a natural process and is well balanced. If you have enough time to get rid of it, or an hour or so, better go for a shower. Shower is the simplest way to wash off those harmful bacteria. Keeping your body skin well hydrated through regular washing oil and sweat off. Using a good anti-bacterial soap while bathing is necessary. Soap being used protects epidermis from from clogging and thus cleaning the surface. Also, it reduces the chances of re-growing the bacteria. Thoroughly washing off the major sweating areas will keep you away from odour.

2. Breathe , Breathe and Breathe

As the lungs take in the oxygen from the environment and release carbon-dioxide. Similarly, the skin breathes by taking the fresh air inside and releasing the bad odour into the environment. This breathing of human body is a natural process, which enhances when you breathe in good amount of oxygen. When an individual lacks oxygen in blood, the higher content of carbon-dioxide causes one to feel depressed. Oxygen level in blood have serious implications, apart from choking and rapid heartbeat. In Depression, a human body releases more sweat so as to reduce the heat generated through the metabolism. Breathing exercises relaxes mind and body, thus giving you a stable life. Breathing is the best part of the Meditation. Good amount of oxygen keeps you happy, cheerful apart from stressed life.

3. Clean and Loose

body clean
Bacteria needs moist and warm condition to flourish. Keeping your body dry after the shower and using clean towels may help you to get rid of body odour. Cleanliness in and around you, will definitely help you to cater the problem of bad odour. Keep your most-sweating body parts dry by wiping them. Also, go for loose clothes if you suffer from anxiety and excessive sweating. Wear breathable clothes. Tight clothes block pores on the skin from breathing resulting in coagulation of sweat on the pores. Unless the sweat evaporates, body will continue to produce sweat thus causing bad smell. Loose clothes gives the skin breathing area and a chance for sweat to evaporate. The sweat gives bacteria a perfect place to hide and multiply. Stay clean on body and loose in clothes.


4. Good Eating Habits

eating habits
Your eating habits decide the nature of the odour. People who go out for junk foods usually suffer body odour problems. Keep your diet filled of fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep a low profile on spices, as spices are the major causes of increase in body heat. This heat is released in the form of sweat. Keeping yourself hydrated with lots of fluids and water is the best measure to reduce body odour. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both suffers from bad body odour. Undigested food also releases a number of gases through the skin. Body will sweat as is the phenomenon, what we can do is to reduce the body odour caused by the bacteria and other agents. Eating nutritious food, rich in water content, vitamins and minerals is need of all time.

5. Go natural with medicines

Health supplements are rich in vitamins and minerals creating the odour in our blood and that get released through the pores in our skin. Medicines are also a major substance that create odour in our sweat. These also have side effects that causes body odours. A person with current medication is likely to smell bad than without medication. Medicated people smell different when their medicinal smell mixes with body odour. The tip to prevent is to go herbal. Use herbal medicines and go green with supplements. Herbal medicines are rich in basic minerals and vitamins, also have no side effects. Natural medicines are now available on herbal medicinal store. You can either visit an Ayurveda Doctor for help in medicines.

6. Sanitation

The instant remedy to get rid of the odour on body parts is to rub few drops of sanitizer over the area. Sanitizer are helpful in killing the bacteria that grow over sweat. It soothes and cools the skin by hydrating it. Some sanitizers are also available in various aroma. The perfume mixed in the sanitizers are a help to mask the smell. The best part of sanitizer is they provide instant killing of bacteria. For women, it is a good practice to keep themselves hydrated during menstruation period. Proper hygiene can help them to get rid of bad odour. Bad sanitation practices can even lead one to urinary tract infections. Using good antibacterial and antifungal agents to wash off sweat will help.

7. Mask the Smell

Masking the smell is the easiest way to hide the bad odour. There are a number of perfumes and deodorants that are available over the counter. Deodorants do not wipe away the smell, it acts like camouflage. You sweat, have bad odour, but still not identified midst people. Excessive sweating is not bearable even in the presence of deodorants. In such situations, antiperspirants help. Antiperspirants contain elements that hinder the excretion of sweat. While antiperspirants hinder the sweating action, deodorants hides the smell. The sweating is more in people with higher testosterone. Thus, men sweats more than women. It then becomes a need for men to use stronger deodorants. To take the advantage of camouflage, wear your mask. It is advisable to use deodorants twice a day to keep you away from bad odour.

8. Get Prescribed

Although the sweating action is a natural process, excessive sweating may be result of hormonal imbalance. Hyperhidrosis is very common condition in teens and youngsters. There might be different reasons that causes excessive sweating. It is when you find your sweating starts interfering in daily schedule and makes life difficult, you consult a dermatologist who may prescribe you a aluminium rich antiperspirants and may provide the medication. Consider meeting your doctor if you suffer from diseases like cancer or diabetes. Proper cleansing and detoxifying is necessary when it is result of problems from inside. People with high metabolism rate, people who suffer from diseases are therefore more vulnerable to bad body odour.

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