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How to Loose Leg Fat Quickly ?

Every girl strive for a good figure and one of the most important part of this is beautiful legs. Without sexy legs every dress will be a big flop.Are you really ashamed of your fatty legs, Here are 10 tips to help you out:

1. Jogging Walking will help you:

Jog or walkWhile running is an excellent way to lose leg fat, it tends to be too demanding for many people. If you find the strain involved to be too much, jogging or simply walking a couple of miles each day can help you burn calories and build lean, strong legs. If you want to get a super quick result, walk or run twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

2. Say Bye to Elevators:

Take stairsWhen you resolve to ignore escalators and elevators whenever possible and take the stairs instead, you effectively work your leg muscles and raise your metabolism to melt fat away. To protect your back and your knees while you climb up stairs, though, it’s important to use the correct technique – you need to keep your back straight and lean slightly forward.

3. Cycling – A boon for your Legs:

Cycle everywhereSpring is the perfect season to leave your car at home and start cycling instead. If your city doesn’t pay attention to planning its streets for cycling activity, it can be less than safe to pedal everywhere you wish to go. It’s always a good idea to cycle in your own neighborhood, though. Cycling can build endurance and create muscle tone in the legs.

4. Do power squats

Do power squatsThe squat is a powerful workout. Doing power squats is even more powerful workout though. Squats with weights are an excellent way to tone your thighs. While doing squats can be a hard work, the benefits are excellent. You will only need a small 1-pound weight in each hand. Do power squats each day to get your legs ready for summer.

5. Leg extensions

Leg extensionsA quality leg extensions machine is an excellent way to build muscle strength in the legs. You also lose considerable fat if you do it regularly. For injury avoidance, though, you need to learn how to use a leg extensions machine – slow, deliberate movements are always far safer and better than fast ones. If you don’t do it correctly, you can hurt your knees.

6. Swimming will Help you:

Swim as much as you canStaying afloat in water is vigorous work that gives a workout to every muscle in your body. Swimming helps you lose a great deal of leg fat too. The best part is, swimming is a great stress buster. You come out feeling much better about yourself. It’s one of the best workouts that doesn’t feel like exercise.

7. If you don’t have time, work out at your desk

If you don't have time, work out at your deskIf you have a desk job that keeps you seated for hours each day, a number of desk exercises for your legs can easily help you tone your leg muscles. For instance, to do the hip flexion exercise, you simply need to sit at your desk and raise each leg discreetly towards your chest, one at a time.

8. Do knee and ankle stretches under your desk

Do knee and ankle stretchesPractically every office situation allows some form of seated desk exercise. If you’re stuck in a meeting for hours, you can go through the whole time doing leg extensions and ankle stretches. No one will be the wiser, and you’ll come out with better looking legs than before. It may not sound like an effective workout, but if you combine it with any other exercise, your legs will look incredibly beautiful in a month!

9. Sign up for a strenuous team sport

Sign up for a strenuous team sportIf you find it hard to keep up with your exercises, signing up for a team sport can be a great way to stay committed. You can even sign up for different sports on different days of the week. You will tone up overall body, including your legs.

10. Join an aerobics class

Finally, sign up for an aerobics classAn instructor who inspires you and music that moves you can be one of the best ways to stay committed to an exercise routine. You’ll need to do nothing more than to follow instructions to get close to your goal in a predictable way. If you want to try something unusual, opt for aqua aerobics.

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