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How to loose weight after birth of Baby ?

The baby is born, but belly and bacon rolls hold bravely: losing weight after birth of the child, therefore is the wish of most women. Breastfeeding, balanced diet and exercise can help you lose the extra pounds. Here are some tips to help you out:

Weight gain necessary

It is quite natural that women during pregnancy ten up to 15 kgs take – Caused on one hand by the increasing weight of the child, and on the other by physical changes in the mother as the uterus and breasts larger or higher amount of blood so that the child is optimally supplied with energy, oxygen, nutrients and hormones.

Losing weight after birth: not easy, but necessary

If the child is born and regresses the maternal body, women lose weight slowly again.Some women’s loose weight after birth but not fast enough. Particularly stubborn the excess kilos can hold if women ate during pregnancy more than necessary, this should be avoided during pregnancy. Because if the child is too big for the birth canal, a caesarean section is then necessary. The expectant mother can also be predisposed to obesity and developing gestational diabetes, which can develop after birth to chronic diabetes.

Losing weight after birth is therefore not only good for your well-being,and is also medically advised if you are overweight .

Losing weight after birth: Breastfeeding

When mothers breastfeed, not just a relationship of trust between the two is based on – it provides mother and child also has a health advantage. The ingredients of breast milk protect the child against infections or chronic diseases such as obesity. Breastfeeding mothers have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension and breast and ovarian cancer.

Moreover, breastfeeding helps you lose weight after birth: for breastfeeding the body needs nearly 500-600 calories per day. Body brings this energy  from the fat reserves. During lactation women therefore decrease moderately their adipose tissue.

To support this Dieting, Women, however should not be misled to eat less. Because if it is too much decreased, milk production suffers.

Losing weight after birth: Nutrition

For new mothers, it is important to eat consciously. With proper diet – lots of fruits and vegetables, regular fish, whole grains, low-fat dairy and meat products – successful losing weight after birth. Less suitable are fast food, too much white flour products such as bread or baguette, sugar-rich foods such as sweets or sodas and high-fat foods. These fattening foods are not only unhealthy (cardiovascular diseases), they also prevent the decrease of weight after birth.

Losing weight after birth: Sports

Experts recommends that slimming after birth should involve a combination of proper diet and adequate exercise.

But do not overdo your sports activities! After birth, the body must still recover and should not be exposed to excessive strains. Begin, therefore, slowly with the training.Longer walks with the stroller or light stretching exercises for back and stomach rich every two days for ten minutes. From week to week, you can then increase the workload. After about two months to help moderate sports such as swimming or cycling with weight loss after birth.

After a Caesarean section, it is advisable to wait four to six weeks with the sport. Discuss with your doctor or midwife when the time is right to start for example with slight stretching.

Losing weight after birth: Conclusion

Excess pounds after childbirth, you can loose it with breastfeeding, proper nutrition and regular moderate sports grip. First you should strive to decrease within a year after birth. Women returning to their original weight within six months after giving birth take the course of life to less weight. Overexertion in the form of one-sided diets or excessive sport is warned for health reasons.

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