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How to make a Perfect LinkedIn Profile
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Bold Headline

Employers get hundreds of applications for every job that gets posted. This means they have to sift through all the average applicants to find the excellent ones among them. This is why your headline is so important. When an employer hovers over your name some basic information is displayed, which includes your headline. This section should make the employer want to click your name and find out more. Consider your skills and summarise them in a sentence that is short, snappy and shows how you can benefit your target audience.

Concise Summary

The summary of your profile will be the main thing employers focus on. It is a very small space to completely sell yourself, so you need to make the most of it. Remember you have the rest of your profile to show your experience, work history and projects so try and keep the information fresh. Employers don’t want to read the same thing multiple times. It is important to take it back to basics and cover all bases by using a simple technique:  who, what, when, why, how? Who you are, what you have done, when you have done it and how you did it. You probably learnt this at elementary school but it doesn’t make it any less useful. This is a great way to sell yourself totally and leave the rest of your profile to expand.


The web is full of apps and programs that you can use to your advantage. How you give information to employers can be as important as the information itself. Using apps like SlideShare and Behance can be used to show yourself off in style. Slideshare can be used to upload and display your presentations in the summary section of your profile. Perfect for adding the various reasons you should be employed. Behance is aimed at photographers. You can create and edit your portfolio and again link it to your summary section.

Appropriate Profile Photo

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. The first thing an employer will notice about your profile is your headline, summary and your profile picture. Remember you’re trying to sell yourself through your account, so make sure you choose a picture that is complimentary but not deceptive. The employer should be able to recognise you from your photo without thinking you were being deceptive. A headshot like that of an actor is perfect for this situation, it’s professional and gives the employer what they want.



Custom URL

If you keep the standard URL given to you by LinkedIn, it will be a random arrangement of numbers and letters that are hard to remember and don’t stand out. Take advantage of the ability to change this by making is something appropriate and memorable, preferable your name. A custom or ‘vanity’ URL looks better on a CV/ business card and makes it easier to find you in a Google search.


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