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How to make Smoked Chicken With Fried Bread

Bored take stock with rice? Dish of smoked chicken fried bread contents suitable to take to work or to school for the little guy.

The following recipes and how to make the contents of smoked chicken fried bread, as excerpted from the book Assorted Prescription Super Special, orange Mrs. GM work.


3 pieces of white bread without skin

6 pieces of smoked chicken, heat above pan until brown

3 pieces of cheese slice, cut into quarters

3 pieces of lettuce, torn

½ cucumber Japan and thinly sliced

2 eggs

150 grams of coarse bread crumbs

Oil for frying

How to make

1. Shopping finished second bread. Arrange the order, lettuce, smoked chicken, cheese and cucumbers. Cover again with the bread still had leftovers;

2. Dip into the egg and roll them into flour bread, do this twice;

3. Heat oil for frying, fill the bread and fry until cooked, remove and drain.

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