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How to Make Your Girl Friend Super Jealous

Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.” This simple statement sets a perfect scene in our minds of what jealousy feels like; Others are happy, overtly joyful or secretly mocking, while we are left alone to look like a fool. Jealousy is indeed a delightful emotion to watch. How we love to watch our girlfriends fuming with jealousy when they see another pretty lass holding our hand or taking us shopping. Your girl maybe feeling miserable, but to see her that way is a pure sinful joy. And if you are looking for some ways to fodder her jealousy pangs, read on:

1. Hang Out With Other Girls

Go a yard further. Hang out with other girls a more frequently than you usually do. And making your intent very clear is advisable. Who knows, you may be an unrecognizedCasanova, who melts a girl’s heart in just a date!

There are also a number of copy and paste ways to grill her with jealousy but having passed off all the gyan to you, one thing that is worth mentioning is that yours might be a girl who does not show jealousy traits easily. Rather she might retaliate by hanging out with other guys, clicking pictures with them and saying stuff like, ‘oh he is so much fun’. In such a scenario, make sure that jealousy doesn’t drip like sweat from your body.

2. Compliment Someone She Hates

Yeah, this might sound like taking it too far, but where is the fun in NOT taking it too far? You are making her jealous on purpose. You can be bad. You can be evil.

3. “Woo! What a Hot Chick!”

How many times have you almost uttered these words when you are with your girl, and then stopped yourself right there on the edge? This time round, just let the words flow. Make sure you utter these words loud and clear while you are ogling that hot chick at the places you meant to ogle in the first place.

4. Flirt With Her Best Friend

That’s the first thing you thought of, didn’t you? But then, the ‘what will she think’ questions started bothering you soon enough. She will think exactly what you want her to think, and don’t worry about her friend, she too will enjoy the attention. Best would be to inform her in advance of your intentions. That way you have to worry about one thing less.

5. Get Closer… to the ‘Other Woman’

Come on, you can afford that much risk. Just hold her hand, not in a romantic gesturethough. Just make a ‘see you’ promise to her while cupping her hands and watch your girlfriends eyes fixed forever on that little shake of hands. Let the questions barge in now!

6. Talk to her a little first to wet her appetite

It’s very difficult to make a girl jealous who’s never met you before. She has to at least know who you are and like you a little bit (usually) before a jealousy plotline begins to kick in. Banter with her a bit, build some rapport, and generally just be your usual attractive self for at least a few minutes.

7. Make subtle, casual conversation with a girl near her

The keys here are threefold: subtle, casual, and near her. These keys are essential to minding the Law of Least Effort and ensuring that your social maneuverings appear effortless and natural. I made the mistakes early on of awkwardly shifting gears to talk to new women, or striking out to search the entire venue for another girl to meet, often out of eye- and ear-shot, which didn’t do very much for inspiring jealousy.

8. Again, mind the subtlety

This one is important enough that I’m listing it out here again. What just about every guy does wrong here is make his flirting with a girl overt. But if she liked you when you talked earlier, flirting overtly is almost always going to be too much. You’ll trigger too much jealousy in her, and push her into auto-rejection. Women aren’t superheroes; they feel jealousy and uncertainty and worry just like everyone else. Letting her see you talking to another girl is more than enough most of the time; she doesn’t need to see the two of you becoming bosom buddies too.

9. Make it short

This is another common mistake, and one I was as guilty of as anyone else: turning a jealousy plotline into a full-blown seduction.You’re trying to move things forward with Girl A, not Girl B. Don’t lose sight of which girl you’re there for. Get in, make some casual conversation with Girl B, and then, after four or five minutes, end it and get back to the girl you’re there for. Too much longer and you risk losing her.

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