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How to Prepare Healthy Dinner for Family
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Here are 13 tips to prepare healthy dinner for the family at the home.

1)  Dinner for the next week.

A lot of people sometimes confuse what should prepare for dinner, especially if time is four o’clock. In fact, if you plan it in advance, of course you do not need to undergo any confusion. And for that, you only need a few minutes alone, really. Every Friday night or Saturday morning, remove records and books of your favorite recipe, or some magazine that has rubric cooking. Then, remember the contents of the freezer and refrigerator, a favorite food of your families and the needs of next week.Arrange menu for a full week (you can leave one night to order a pizza).At the same time, write your grocery list. Then, paste the dinner menu list on the refrigerator door or a bulletin board in the kitchen so it can instantly see when you get home. Voila! Not to be confused anymore, is not it?

2) Enjoy the cooking process.

Of course, not everyone is happy to be in the kitchen, but there was no reason not to love it when you try. If the shadow of cooking makes you scared, it means it is time you make adjustments. Cooking is fun, much easier than what most people think as long as this. For the sake of health, pleasure, and of course for the wallet, you have to start learning – or repeat -looking and feel the advantages of cooking. Think of it as a project that you must face. Spend your time with friends or family, and try to notice when they cook so that you can understand the methods and practices they currently are in the kitchen. In essence, get rid of the fear and ragu.Sebenarnya more difficult to be people who are not good at cooking rather than vice versa, especially if you use quality ingredients.

3) Delegate.


If you have children over the age of ten years or another adult who arrived at the house before you, invite them to start preparing dinner. For example, you can ask your partner to buy some food for dinner after work, or a teenager you chop vegetables for a salad and boil the pasta. If your child was a child, told her to prepare the necessary ingredients and put them in the kitchen for you, as well as set the dinner table. Yes, maybe they will consider it as a chore, but if you give them the opportunity to ‘make’ something (for example, a card put dinner, folding napkins or cooking with their own recipe), your child may be more interested in nutritious foods that will try new things.

4) Fill your freezer with your homemade foods.

Semur, soups, frozen everything perfectly. Prepare a pot full of enough food for the whole family at the dinner, and then save the rest in a plastic container.Cook one portion of your family’s favorite meals on weekends, and you’ve got four or five meals ready to eat in the refrigerator. Fill your freezer with a small plastic container containing dishes home, and do not forget to include the contents and the date of manufacture.

5) Make the soup as the main stock you quality food.

The soup is very suitable for dinner. Healthy, filling, delicious and easy to make. If you store the chicken pieces in the refrigerator, or a can of low-salt soup in the cupboard, you only need a few minutes to mix all the vegetables and make soup. Use one quart of soup that is in stock, or low-fat chicken broth as the base material, and then put all the pieces of vegetables, such as spinach, carrots, corn, peas and zucchini.Jangan forget to also include lentils, beans and other types of nuts because protein, fiber and other nutrients that high satiating effect with low calories. As a complement, provide wheat bread (dipped in olive oil rather than butter it) and salad.

6) Provide slow-cooker and / or a bread-making machine in the kitchen.

Imagine, by including some of the ingredients – chunks of chicken, vegetables and food in your inventory – to slow cooker before you leave home in the morning, healthy food delicious nan you can get when they arrive back home after work. Or, you wake up with the scent of bread making machine. Sophisticated tools that can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

7) Put some old recipes in weekly menu.

No one asked you to provide new menus every day. Choose three menu that is not troublesome and nutritious recipes that your family like, as well as the cuisine you’ve memorized outside the head. You could choose Monday for a pasta dish or casserole on Tuesday as grilled fish and Wednesday evening with grilled chicken. It will help you when shopping for the ingredients – means you need a lot of groceries similar with large quantities from week to week. Do not be afraid to try new recipes on weekends, if you have free time.

8) Eat with family at least three times a week.

Children who often eat at the table with their families are more likely to enjoy a healthy diet, according to a study by the National Family and Parenting Institute in the UK. Sharing time with family, including at meal times, also be key to building a harmonious relationship. Families are often dine together also tend to eat fruits and vegetables, and less drinking carbonated beverages. Discuss with family members, what is the most appropriate day for dinner as a family is complete. Make sure family meals at the dinner table is not a matter that can be negotiated.

9) Instead of forcing children food on the plate, give the rule a bribe to them.

Encourage your child to try a bribe just to the entire food on their plates. If after one bite the child still does not want to spend spinach or broccoli on his plate, do not push to be spent. Techniques that make children dare to try new foods, and do not provide a frightening experience with food. You can also cook together a menu that she liked. Children will feel as food makers are thus more willing to try.

10) Using the menu breakfast as dinner.

The most appropriate option is omelette. The process is quick, easy and can menadi low-calorie source of protein. Fill with vegetables instead of cheese, and as a result, you have a food with complete nutrition in your frying pan.

11) Set the time to eat outside the home – and obey the rules.

Instead of eating out when you no idea – or materials – altogether to have dinner at home, want to go in a certain time only. It will make dining out even more fun, and you get used to a healthy home food.

12) Keep a record of your spending and recipes on the computer.

By doing so, you will more easily rotate the menu (and the grocery list) every month or two months. If you have a menu for eight weeks, you’re ready for the upcoming year.

13) Use leftover dinner yesterday for a meal tonight.

It will be easier for you to cook once and eat twice. For example, if one night you make a roast chicken, the rest can be processed into chicken fajitasor chicken salad the next day. Ensure always prepare protein foods, such as chicken, turkey, fish, with ample servings for two nights. Do the same with rice and other side dishes. Serve the dish for one night, and kreasikan into casseroles, stir-fries or soup the next day.

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