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how to Shop Online Smartly ?

Gone are the days when you have to spend the whole day in market, carrying lots of shopping bags while shopping.

People are getting smarter, they want everything quick. Now its era of online shopping, we have lots of online websites for shopping with lots of exciting offers. This technique is obviously there to help you.But you should know the basics, Here are some tips for smart online shopping:

1. Always check the description box

All items on online shopping sites have a description box or a side window that has the item details. Many of us fail to check this as we are smitten by the lovely pictures of dresses or shoes. We advise you to always, ALWAYS check the details thoroughly so you don’t end up making the wrong purchase.

2. Know your measurements perfectly

Yes, there are some of us who still don’t know if we wear a 37 or a 38. If you don’t know yet, check the measurements of a dress you already own. Some online websites have specific measurements of the bust, hip and waist. Do use these stats to order something that fits you perfectly.

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3. Be wary of country specific size charts

Different countries have different size charts. Most websites have an inbuilt size chart, so use that to the best of your advantage. If the website does not have one, make sure to Google the size and check if you are choosing the correct one.

4. Check the model stats and compare

The item description will have a point where you can find the model stats – such as the model’s height, bust, hip and waist measurements. By comparing that to your size, you can have an idea on how long or short a particular top or a dress will be on your frame.

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5. Don’t get distracted by the styling

Online clothing websites have awesome in-house stylists who put together the outfits that we so love. Always ISOLATE the item of clothing from the model. If you are looking to buy a top, do not get distracted by the styling and try to mentally team it up with something that you already own.

6. Check the fabric and compare

This is by far the most important thing to take note of while buying clothes online. Even if you’re not an expert on fabrics, zoom in completely on the picture and compare it with something that you already own. This way you will know how it will feel or look on your body.

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7. Check the same item on other websites

A good way to check how the items look when styled differently is to look for the same on other websites. You will find that the styling varies from website to website and you might even find a blogger review or a celebrity wearing the same.

8. Always read the reviews

Reviews are always helpful. Make sure to at least go through the top five reviews to know about the feedback given by other buyers.

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