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How to Slow the Effects of Alcohol on Brain?

Remedies to delay the

drinking problem, effects of alcohol on the brain

are many, but all are not safe. Here are the best way to prepare to enjoy parties and meetings without the annoying ravages of consumption of alcoholic beverages . Pay attention to the following tips and enjoy without risking your  life and health :

signs of alcoholism and symptoms of alcoholism  have dangerous impacts of brain.

Never ingest alcohol on an empty stomach

Before you take alcohol , consume foods high in protein and fat, to prevent the spirit is absorbed quickly and therefore  prevent hangovers and complaints. So tacos or hot dogs consume them before and not after the party.

Avoid very salty snacks, make take more alcoholic beverages

Instead, you can eat snacks based on whole grains and legumes, such as pretzels whole unsalted or legumes (soybeans, dried peas, chickpeas, etc.) seasoned with chili powder and lemon, which also will provide minerals, which will also help replenish electrolytes lost through the diuretic effect of spirit .

Between drinks, a glass of water to prevent dehydration

One of the effects of alcohol is that it behaves as a natural diuretic that inhibiting the function of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) causes you to suffer dehydration and, therefore, they get drunk faster, as urinating frequently lose minerals ( electrolytes) and vitamin B 1 , which is involved in obtaining energy from glucose. To avoid between each alcoholic beverageyou ingest, drink a glass of plain water, mineral or machine, for its minerals will also help to avoid dizziness and nausea.

Drink quietly helps prevent hangovers

The speed at which you take almost as much influence as the amount you drink. So take her quiet, because that way your body receives metered amounts spirit and have time to properly metabolize, for disposal and avoid being quickly go to your head.

According to the Mayo Clinic, an average drink should last about 1 hour, while the body needs to metabolize one drink. Thus, in addition to prevent hangovers , you protect suffering alcoholic congestion by drinking a lot of alcohol, in a short time, which can put you in danger life and health , as it can cause anything from vomiting, nausea, or unconsciousness to brain damage and liver.

Zero alcohol mixtures to avoid congestion

Nothing begin and continue mezcal tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum and anything that you put in front! It is a serious mistake, because the risk of raising and lowering the alcohol content of the drinks that are ingested or varying ingredients in cocktails, it also causes congestion alcoholic .

This aspect must be very careful women, who often prefer cocktails and mixed drinks, because the sweetness of the other ingredients makes notion miss type alcoholic beverage they are ingesting.

Do not stop dancing !, physical exercise helps dispose alcohol

In doing so you eliminate toxins sweat. Physical activity causes your body to metabolize faster the spirit , therefore its effects will be practically imperceptible. However, you should enjoy at least two hours of good dance and remember to drink water constantly to prevent dehydration .

Honey before and / or after the party, sweet secret against effects of alcohol

Sugars containing honey help to degrade and remove quickly thespirit , so eat a spoonful of this natural product before and / or after drinking alcohol is recommended to prevent hangoversand discomfort.

Enjoy the holidays without risking your life and health. Modera amount and method of ingesting alcohol and follow our advice.

Consult your doctor if you have problems with your drinking.

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