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How to take care of dry hands in winters ?

The hands are often in contact with substances that steal elasticity and smoothness, as powder, detergents, soaps and garbage. To make matters worse, the weather is crucial to your health, especially in cold weather.

While the overall skin care should be taken with care, perhaps hands skin deserves special treatment because you do not have any protection, like clothing that protects the rest of the body or the barrier means standing up on the face.

It is true that you can make use of gloves, especially when cold weather, but it does not provide complete protection, since thehands are washed at least four times a day and could hardly perform all our activities with these garments.

However, it is not as complicated preserve in good condition theskin of the hands , because for this purpose only and consistency is required to implement a few recommendations.

Cleaning and smoothness

First, it is essential to good health, so every time you have recourse to handwashing , which is, of course, do so before eating and after using the bathroom, use a soap whose formula includes ingredients such as honey, lanolin (moisturizing oil obtained from the wool of sheep) and vitamins, elements that soften.

Then, you must use moisturizers for hands (those high in protein and sunscreen are recommended), making sure that your application includes from the fingertips to the forearm, which is ideal to reinforce and stimulate blood circulation this zone.

For best effect, this type of treatment practiced at night, just before bed, so your hands do not get dirty and are free of impurities. Remember, the water we use to wash up should be warm; Also, you can sleep with cotton gloves, which will help greatly from becoming your hands smooth and soft.

If after following these instructions follow the dry hands , you can use masks to hydrate, tone and nourish and, in extreme cases, choose a method based on paraffin, vaseline and glycerine, which is not recommended if you have sensitive skinbecause you could cause some redness or skin lesions.

Although it might seem superfluous, it should be extended a few simple tips to care for your hands and prevent thereby to be made ​​of rough skin and embarrass us even greet a person:

  • Use gloves every time you make any domestic activity; fabric for works in dry rubber if it is a wet (washing dishes, a garment or watering the garden) task.
  • When driving, especially in winter season, use leather gloves.
  • A home remedy for dry hands , which is infallible, is what is done with the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of sugar and other glycerin formula that are rubbing their hands for five minutes, twice a week ; Finally, you should use warm water to rinse. This will achieve an exfoliating effect, ie will eliminate dead cells and you can even fight stains caused by scars.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day.
  • Use moisturizing hand creams that contain vitamin E as well as collagen and elastin, proteins that provide elasticity and retain fluids in the skin.

So, a little discipline prevent our hands from drying, are ugly and are marked with undesirable cracks.

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