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How to Take Care of your Hair During Monsoon

Monsoon is the most awaited season of the year for all of us. It should bring smile to your face not the line of tension on your forehead. Falling hair and dandruff are unwanted gift of monsoon. Here are some tips to avoid all this and have long shiny healthy hair even on the rainy days.
Wash thrice a week: 

Because of humidity the scalp tends to sweat a lot and most people end up washing their hair every day. This strips the scalp of the natural oils rendering it dry. Control that and wash it only thrice a week.
Scalp care: 

When washing your hair many women don’t clean their scalp enough, which leads to dandruff and an irritating scalp. At least once a week, scrub your scalp thoroughly, when washing your hair.

A lot of women give the conditioner a miss, because it makes the hair oily. Use in small quantities, but do use. It acts as a barrier and protects the hair from external pollutants.

After washing your hair, women roll the towel and tie the hair up as a turban. Don’t ever do that. During monsoons, fungal infections are on a rise and putting your hair in a turban without wiping the water off, will only encourage those infections.
Tying wet hair: 

After the morning shower, women have to brave the traffic to get to work.Most of them end up tying their hair in a rush. Don’t EVER do that. Wait for your hair to dry or blow dry it and then tie.



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