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How to Thicken Hair Fast and Naturally
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Natural beauty is the dream of every woman. Any woman who does not want dense and lustrous hair. Hair is the most important asset of a woman so arguably the crown for the woman herself. But sometimes women have the name or loss thinning hair, this is due to lack of maintenance of the hair and is caused by chemicals that may be contained dipewarna your hair when your hair color.

There is also heredity, indeed of origin of your hair is thin, and less tasty dipandang.Terus how to solve it?  Well here I will share tips or how to thicken hair quickly and naturally .

Aloe Vera

Plants that linger latin milleer aloe barbadensis is known for its potency to thicken and discolor hair. Many shampoo products that use this plant as a main ingredient for the manufacture of the shampoo. You also can use it directly, ie by applying it to all parts of your hair, then wash with shampoo. Perform your hair every day is guaranteed to be thick and dense quickly.

Egg Whites

The egg white was also beneficial for your hair to make it thicker and prevent hair loss. Due to the content of protein and other nutrients that can strengthen the hair follicles.

The trick, first you have to rinse your hair with water until your hair damp. After that, you have to separate you puith eggs and egg yolks. Once separated, the whipped egg white and apply the egg puith on your hair and scalp until evenly distributed. Let stand for about 1-2 hours. After that you can clean it with cold water. To eliminate the fishy smell of egg whites, you can use a shampoo that is made from natural such as aloe vera, so the effect is better.

Green Tea

Green tea contains high antioxidant that is useful for improving blood circulation to the hair. By using green tea it will be faster growing hair, soft, and shiny. Please brewed green tea, then apply to your hair and then cover with a warm towel. Lets stand for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair back.

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