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Infatuation, The Poisonous Illusion of Unrequited Love
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Sometimes we meet certain people that cause such an explosion of emotions, feelings, questions, thoughts, and attraction in us that we find ourselves thinking about them all the time. Sometimes we just can not stop thinking about them regardless of what we’re doing or the last time we’ve seen them.

The smallest of their actions leads us to over-analyze every tiny move they make. We find ourselves pondering over and over again about their intentions and how they possibly feel about us. The thought of them not wanting us back is soul crushing, even if in some cases it is true. We deny and over-think and obsess. At first, it can feel like a fresh rush- suddenly you feel alive and hyped up. You become extremely happy. Knowing and seeing this person makes you feel blissful. But then you begin to obsess and your mental workings start going downhill.

Let’s try to deal with that, here are some tips that can really help you to handle the situation.

Don’t Panic:

Don't Panic

You are not the only one in this situation. It’s  normal human behaviour sometimes we obsess over that person because we are very, very attached to them. We want to be with them, want to impress them, want to tell them all of these planned out, fine-tuned bits of witty dialogue that we’ve been tossing around in our brains for the past few days. We want to feel their presence again and again. That person is magical to us- a rarity, a unicorn that bleeds rainbow blood. We build them a comfortable home on a pedestal, even though we might deny it.

Give time to yourself:

Give Time To Yourself

Time can help you get over an infatuation. You need to explain yourself that the crush you have is temporary and you can definitely get over it!  Avoid taking decision in a hurricane of thoughts… keep calm

Always take decision when you are on the cross roads:

Love not always But Infatuation...... it Definitely kills you 1See what you want. Ask yourself before if you need the girl/boy you like for sometime or for whole life. Infatuation can be physical or mental. Generally, a crush is physical and temporary. Stop imagining if you want to get over an infatuation.

Do not give oxygen to thoughts related to him\her:

Love not always But Infatuation...... it Definitely kills you 1Avoid thinking about the girl or boy you like. To deal with an attraction, you need to stop thinking about him/her. Concentrate on something else you like and keep yourself engaged in work so that you don’t get time to think. Free mind makes you think more! Just be Lazy… !!!

Look Around:

Love not always But Infatuation...... it Definitely kills you 1
Just take a look on the people around you…. stay busy Finding an alternative is an easy and common remedy to get over an infatuation.

Experiment and put yourself and the other one in various situation:

Love not always But Infatuation...... it Definitely kills you 1Life always provides you opportunity to improve yourself… just go for the basics and enjoy the game

Improve yourself , before your personality consolidate.

Moving on is important:

Love not always But Infatuation...... it Definitely kills you 1
If you have expressed your feeling but didn’t get a positive reply, don’t get depressed.
Facing rejection is a part of life which you have to get over as early as possible! After getting the answer things should not become complicated. As you know the answer, you can console yourself.
Use these tips to get over an infatuation and make yourself strong!
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