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Microsoft opens a little more to Google and Apple

Paraiso Satya Nadella never ceases to shake Microsoft, changing the economic model that sustains the group for forty years. Wednesday evening at the opening of Build, a conference for developers held for two days in San Francisco, the software company announced a greater opening to Android and iOS, both Google operating systems and Apple.

can you buy gabapentin online reddit Starting this year, smartphones with Windows Phone (and therefore soon to Windows 10) should therefore welcome applications developed for Android and iOS. For Microsoft, that would constitute a revolution. In mobile, its market share does not exceed 3%, against 81% for Google and 15% for Apple, according to Strategy Analytics.

On one stone

buy Clomiphene thailand In theory, this strategic move would therefore have the primary interest to attract new customers. The latter would thus no longer hampered by the absence of their favorite apps to choose Microsoft tablets or smartphones.

Today, Windows applications is clearly inadequate disability. The idea would be to encourage both consumers and developers. And doing two things at once: it is through this opening that Microsoft hopes to deploy at speed Windows 10 , its new operating system still in testing. It aims 1 billion devices with from the official marketing system.


This strategic shift also sounds like an admission of failure. By opening, Microsoft admits that it has not managed to win in the mobile, and could marginalize itself by making its smartphones pale imitations of devices running Android. What would be the benefits for the consumer to purchase a Windows-based device?

Besides the effect on developers … “For those who have spent their lives on Windows, this would mean just that it’s time to go on a new platform,” commented Paul Thurrott, who specialized journalist developed an online publication dedicated to Microsoft.

Satya Nadella had already announced a first opening movement for the software company, used for four decades to function fully integrated manner. The CEO of Microsoft was the first to allow the group’s software, starting with those of its Office cow milk, run on operating systems of its two major competitors. In making the announcement, the boss was strongly applauded.

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