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Most important Question ever asked by Stephan Hawking

PEOPLE – If mitigate the sadness of a teenager is not an easy task, it is clear thatStephen Hawking , he knows how. The famous physicist went there of his own theory about the starting Zayn Malik from One Direction : according to him, in a parallel universe to ours, the singer always be part of the group.

“What are the effects on the cosmos related to the fact that Zayn has left the One Direction, and has thus broken the hearts of thousands of young teenage girls around the world?” This question, asked by a girl named Samantha, Stephen Hawking has reacted in such a lovely way unexpected.

While attending this Saturday at a conference in Sydney from England hologram according to Time , cosmologist said: “Finally a question on an important issue,” making the audience laugh out loud. He then launched into an explanation joking with his synthetic voice, Hawking was paralyzed for several years because of a neuromuscular dystrophy.

Here the theory of Stephen Hawking on the starting Zayn Malik from One Direction:

“My advice to every girl with a broken heart is to pay special attention to the study of theoretical physics, because it might prove one day existence of multiple universes. It is entirely possible that a different world exists somewhere outside our own universe. And it could be that in this universe in question, Zayn still part of One Direction. The girl who asked me that question would even be delighted to learn that in a parallel universe, she and Zayn could very well be married and happy together.


Hopefully these statements are enough to bring a smile to the many fans of the band, that Zayn had left inconsolable there a month in announcing that he was embarking on a solo career .

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