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Obama Correspondents’ Dinner: The “Anger Translator” of US President made a Splash

UNUSUAL – Obama has unleashed his anger. Finally, through its (false) and hilarious translator, actor Keegan-Michael Key, present at the annual dinner of the Association of White House correspondents, organized for the penultimate time in honor of Barack Obama before the presidential election in 2016.

While the US president has not failed to bite during the event, including Hillary Clinton is paying or those who believe the Muslim , the intervention of his “anger translator” (“anger translator” version original) was more than noticed, as shown in our translation in the visible video over the article.

This sketch was actually a wink of the US president. The character of Luther, responsible for translating the calm of President Obama in an edgier version was created in 2012 by the American comic duo Key & Peele on Comedy Central. Keegan-Michael Key interpreted as usual role of translator, while his sidekick, Jordan Peele was this time given way to real president, he also imitates to perfection .

Monday morning, the video of this amazing duo put online by the American cable channel specializing in political, C-Span , exceeded 2 million views.

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