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Over 40 ?? – Don”t Forget these Tests

Turning 40 is a milestone and often a time of transition.Your children may be growing up or you may be caring for your parents or considering a career change.

Get Yourself screened for certain ailments…So that you get time to fight against them….  ‘ prevetion is better than cure”

Prepare today so that you have a healthy and beautiful life ahead

Early diagnosis can change the final presentation of a lot of diseases… and can save one’s life


Checkups for people in their 40s and older include the following procedures:

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood glucose (sugar) — Under 45, ask your doctor. Starting at age 45, have your fasting blood glucose checked every three years to determine your risk for diabetes.
  • Blood pressure — Should be checked at every regular health care visit.
  • Cholesterol — Have this checked every five years (or more often if you are on treatment for high cholesterol).
  • Colon cancer testing — Starting at age 50. Talk with your doctor about which tests are best for you and how frequently tests should be done.
  • Look for moles — Most skin cancers are curable if found early.
  • Vision checkup — Between the ages of 41-60 an eye exam should be performed every two years. If you’re over the age of 60, an eye exam should be performed every year. People with diabetes should have an annual eye exam through dilated pupils.
  • Dental Examination
  • Bone Density Examination – DEXA

If you have family History regarding any disease, Get yourself screened for it timely

If you have Multiple sexual partner or any exposure to STD… Get screened for HIV and other STD

For Women:

  • Breast exam — A clinical breast exam should be done every year.
  • Mammogram — Every year.
  • Pap test (cervical cancer testing) — Every one to three years, depending on the type of test you get and past results.
  • Thyroid tests

For Men:

  • Prostate cancer testing — Ages 40-49 years: African American men and all men who have an immediate family member with prostate cancer should begin yearly prostate cancer testing at age 45. Over 50 years: You should have yearly testing.
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