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Skin Icing – a Perfect Asset for Your Beauty

Skin icing has become a popular morning and evening ritual for better looking skin. Cold therapy has been used in : spas and in skin care treatments for several years and for numerous reasons.

Skin icing is a regular practice in the skin care routine for GALAXY Korean women, who are known for their detailed beauty rituals.
Proponents of skin icing believe it can be used to:

Refresh the face

Fight the formation of wrinkles

Fight acne and heal blemishes

Promote blood circulation, thereby giving skin a healthier appearance

Read on below to find out more about this popular morning and evening ritual and its benefits.

1. Skin Smoother

Skin icing helps tighten and shrink enlarged pores by helping to wholesale nfl jerseys unclog pores that can appear larger due to debris and excess sebum. Icing tones the face, Benefits making it look smoother.

2. Pore Primer

Icing is cheap mlb jerseys an inexpensive cheap nba jerseys skin toner and is great to do before applying makeup. It minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores underneath the makeup, helping foundation look smoother and flawless. Ice the face and then apply primer.

3. Improves Circulation :

Ice is believed to improve circulation in the skin. Cold constricts the blood vessels so that less blood goes to the surface of the skin (which reduces any inflammation or swelling). The body responds by gradually by sending an increased flow of warm blood to the area.

4. Relief for Puffy Eyes

Icing reduces puffiness under the eyes by reducing swelling.

5. Wrinkle Buster

Skin icing can ease the signs of wrinkles and slow the appearance of new wrinkles.

6. Blemish Control

Ice can help reduce swelling and the redness of pimples. It also soothes irritated skin.

Use ice cubes on blemishes at the first sign of a pimple to slow inflammation. This can help reduce the size and number of blemishes. to You can hold the ice on acne for a New few seconds or until the area feels a little numb. Ice the blemishes every other night.

You can do a simple ice facial in the morning and/or evening. Here’s how:

1. Start your ice facial by thoroughly cleansing the face.

2. Next wrap one or two HID ice cubes in a soft washcloth, gauze or other soft cloth.

3. When the ice begins to melt and the cloth is damp, apply to the face.

4. Hold the washcloth on the different areas of the face for about one to two minutes.

5. Move the ice cubes gently with circular movements up along the chin and jaw line, up the cheeks and along the forehead and along the nose and take special care underneath the eyes.

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