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Super Extreme Zoom of almost 4.5 km

This video does foreshadows what tomorrow will zoom on cameras? The YouTube user Daniel Taylor, spotted by Sploid , had fun simulate extreme zoom, with an enlarged picture 343 times. This represents a distance of 4.5 km ….

To accomplish this technical feat, he actually made several pictures of the same view, but changing the camera lens, from 16mm to 600mm, through 50mm and 100mm goals.

It was then made ​​a montage of its different photos using Adobe After Effects software. The result gives the impression that he used a single lens with an incredible zoom (11mm to 3780mm from (11 times 343 = 3773, rounded to 3780).

Check out this great bluffing zoom in the video at the top of the article.

Here is the photography equipment used by Daniel Taylor to make his zoom:

• Canon 550D

.  Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 

• Canon 50mm f1.8

• Canon 100mm f2

• Skywatcher ED80 600mm f / 7.5

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