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November 14, 2018

Eat to Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable to properly use and store glucose (a form of sugar). Glucose backs up in the bloodstream — causing one’s blood glucose (sometimes referred to as blood sugar) to rise too high.So These are some tips to beat the Diabetes.

1     Take a lot of non-starchy vegetables, beans, and fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, and berries. Even tropical fruits like bananas, mangoes, and papayas tend to have a lower glycemic index than typical desserts

2    Take less white potatoes and refined grain products such as white breads and white pasta to small side dishes

3   Choose sweets smartly—eliminate including high-calorie foods [...]

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November 11, 2018

How to Handle 8 Abashing Body Problems

If you’ve got a body problem that’s causing you to blush, don’t book yourself a stint on Embarrassing Bodies just yet. Every body sign from dandruff to fungal toenails is just a symptom of an imbalance that can usually be corrected by a simple change in your diet, reducing stress or by taking a herb or supplement.


No one is quite sure of the cause of dandruff however a small fungal/yeast organism is usually found at the site. To help beat dandruff use shampoo containing the antifungal mineral selenium (check the ingredients panel on the back of the bottle). After conditioning, rinse scalp with a (cooled) strong tea made with [...]

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November 10, 2018

Keep Your Body Hydrated by 5 Simple Ways

5 ways to hydrate your body :  Prevent dehydration by drinking fluids frequently. You should drink enough fluids even if you don’t feel particularly thirsty. You may be dehydrated before you feel thirsty.

The amount of water that adults need varies, but in general,men should drink at least 13 cups (3 liters) of fluids per day. Women should drink at least 9 cups (2.2 liters) of fluids per day A good rule of thumb is to drink between .5-1 ounce of water for each pound you weigh. Thus, a 200-pound person should drink between 100-200 ounces of fluids per day, depending on exercise and activity level. If you exercise, drink an extra 1.5-2.5 cups of water for moderate [...]
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November 7, 2018

Apple – The Magic Fruit

You’ve heard the line – an apple a day keeps the doctor away — forever now and must have dismissed it as an old wives’ tale. However, nutritionists are time and again shedding light on the numerous health benefits that this wonder fruit has in store. If you are unaware of this humble fruit’s health benefits, have a look at this post to get a clear idea why you should eat apple every day.


Nutritional Information for Apples Apples contain almost no fat, sodium or cholesterol.


Apples deserve to be called “nutritional powerhouses”. They contain the following important nutrients:

Vitamin c:  a powerful natural antioxidant capable of [...]
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November 4, 2018

Treatment and Prevention of Nicotine Withdrawal at Home

Most tobacco cessation programs recommend the following steps to help you quit and ease the unpleasantness of nicotine withdrawal.

Home Remedies for Nicotine Withdrawal Analyze your habit for a few weeks. Keep a log of when, where, and why you use tobacco. List the reasons you want to quit. Set a “quit” date and stick to it. Find substitutes — sugarless gum to chew or a pen or pencil to hold — and change your routines to avoid triggering a desire for tobacco. Reward your resolve. Treat yourself with the money you would have spent on tobacco. Enjoy food and eat as much low-calorie food as you want during withdrawal. Never let a [...]
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October 25, 2018

10 Reasons Why Early Risers are Always Better Than You

Over the years though, I have realised that early mornings are a lovely time to be awake. When the world is hushed and trembling before the break of a new day, when to do lists are still being formed in your head, when the anticipation of something floods you as you wake up. I wake up early every single day now, and my internal alarm sounds before the alarm rings. The first hour after you wake is the most important part of your day because it totally sets the tone for how the rest of your day will go. Here’s why I totally recommend early mornings now or even just waking up an hour before your normal time:

1. You can have that very first cup of morning tea or coffee [...]

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October 22, 2018

Some Words of Wisdom that will Make You a Much Happier Person

Think you’re overburdened by the ordeals of life? Here are some words of wisdom that will change your life and make you a much happier person.


1. You don’t always need a plan. It is perfectly fine to live one day at a time, as long as you’re ‘living’.


2. Always prioritize. It makes life so much simpler. Maybe, the things you’re worrying so much about right now don’t even fall any close to the things that actually matter.


3. Every day you [...]

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