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The Reason Why Dating with Women Short More Exciting than Girls High
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“Lost in the body, but won in the hearts #aawwww”

Do not be jealous of those who have a high body and slim. You just have to be grateful to your little body it! Because in fact, the guy even please a girl with short body, you know.

Do not believe it? Here are the reasons why guys like girls who are petite!

1. Short Girls will always look younger.


With her little your body, then you will look younger than your age. This is what makes a guy feel good to have a lover like you. Because he will still feel the road with a much younger lover.

2. Because the guy sure you will always need him.


Basically, the guy prefers needed. Therefore he is more happy if you rely on your guy for a few things that you can not do.

3. Short Girls tend to be more relaxed than the tall girl.


You have a mini body certainly seem more fun in the eyes of men. That’s because you’re not as ambitious as tall girl in terms of style. You are also considered to be more attentive and sensitive to the desires of men.

4. You can be cute and sexy at the same time.


Short girl is the most fitting to wear a mini skirt and high heels. Both of these can give the impression of sexy, but also cute you know! So you do not let high, you also can still captivate the eyes of men.

5. Because you can be protected more than the tall girl.


Many people believe, it is synonymous with high girl self. Short girl gave the impression he was weak and always need help. This makes a guy happy because they can protect their partners from any case.

6. The short girl was fun when hugged!


Which guy happy if you can not lift his girlfriend? Guys also pleased that could put his head just above the head of a girl. It’s’ Awww’some!

7. Because you more innocence, and not aware of the beauty of you.


Tall girl realized excess himself and they use the excess. But short girls sometimes do not realize because it is always inferior to the height. This is what gives the guy a chance to be able to continue to praise his girlfriend.

8. The short girl was not easy to decide your dating relationship.


Typically, more boys have fear of losing when a date with a girl high. But with shorter girls, they are the type who likes a long term relationship and not like changing partners.

9. The short girl never fuss with clothes, because he can buy anywhere.


Sometimes a guy a bit anti if asked to go linger in clothing store. But with shorter girls, boys do not need to feel complicated. Due to the short girls can buy clothes anywhere, even in children’s clothing store.

10. Girls short stay looking cute despite being angry.


If you’re planning to have a long-term relationship, you should be ready with all the bickering. With a short girl, she would still look adorable despite furious. You also easier goodness with short girls than girls high.

11. The short girl more fitting for a kiss.


Aiihh, author so embarrassed. Short girl was the most comfortable if a kiss, let alone kissed on the forehead.

Nahh, already know the reason why. Short girl was lost in high, but won in the hearts! According to you, especially delish short courtship with a girl? Share in the comment box yes!

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