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Top 10 Relationship Questions to Identify Toxic Signs.

Some Relationships in our life makes us feel miserable and strangulated. Sometimes despite of all efforts you are unable to make your relationship go smoother. Its not your Fault always, sometimes its your partner who make things miserable.

You people stop enjoying small moments and are always in some kind of stress related to your relationship.

Sometimes you lose your self and identity being in a relationship. Here are 10 signs of being in a toxic relationship.

you must ask these relationship questions to identify signs of a healthy relationship, either they are toxic sign or call sign for relationship

10. Excessive Dependency on Your Soulmate

Emotional dependence is necessary for sustenance of human life but to the extent of being broken in the others absence can get toxic nevertheless. If your relationship has you constantly seeking attention for emotional support, you’ve fallen weak to the level of crumbling down when it’s over and if this is not fatal, tell me what is?

9. Constant fear of breakup

Are people around you being super careful so as to not trigger sensitivities and raise a platform for the world war 3 to happen? Let’s simplify that, have you been arguing more than you’ve been at peace, in public view or away from it? Is it that everyone around you is seeing that your relationship has ego clashes and arguments except that you seek to term it as the ideal love hate relationship? Look at it again, go through the events, is it love that makes you take constant digs at your lover, is it love that triggers unending arguments? I doubt.

8. Space for the 3rd.

Has a third person been recently involved in advising you through what you thought was personal. Is it that either of you have your defendants who’d do your part of the speaking and convincing to the other? You know what, you are solving the differences, just creating them. And it is high time you realize that when a relationship is working, there is no space for a third person to gain importance. Your weaknesses and your strengths remain you and within you, not like a secret confided in the important third.


7. Suspicion on your partner

If your relationship is at a point where there’s a space for rising suspicion of a romantic outside of yours, trust me, your relationship has lost the trust factor there was. And once the suspicion arises, no matter how much you try to make it subside, it will remain and will hamper your relationship to no extent. If that is how your partner must believe, maybe the time is now to realize that how this relationship is giving you no benefit of doubt. You’d be the convict, no matter what.

6. It’s your sibling? I don’t care, I’m still jealous,

When there’s a constant nagging of who you talk to, and who you avoid entirely. When every conversation you make with any person whatsoever gives rise to a constant jealousy, the relationship has nothing right about it. Quite seriously. And well, when whoever you talk to is portrayed in negative light, no pardoning to your siblings or parents, you know that the relationship now is obsessive in a harming manner. And would you really be in a relationship as toxic as this?

5. I love you but I don’t: Extreme mood swings

When the person is loving one moment, and pushing you away the other. How do you decide whether the relationship is working or it isn’t? Well, if there are constant mood swings (yes, more than the six month pregnant sister has) it is time for reality check. A relationship is not meant to deal with mood swings without a reason. Harsh times are sure meant to be dealt together, but what when there is no explanation?

4. To control time, money and speech.

Something that starts happening at some point of time in most relationships is controlling the other’s time, finances and even speech. Are you encouraging this behaviour? Seriously? Even the law permits you to see your own acquaintances, manage your own finances and speak your own words. Why then are you becoming a commodity instead of an individual. There is something in your relationship that needs to be changed, and maybe it is just your relationship status.

3.  Emotional Instability

When a relationship stops giving you any happiness, I won’t really say go off the relationship, but atleast try to figure out where it went wrong. You are in a toxic relationship if you’ve constantly been feeling emotionally drained. That feeling of no matter what you give into this, there is no reciprocation. If that is happening, weigh if the relationship is worth it. Set it right, or set your foot forward and let it go.

2. No gain, Only Pain

The worst thing to happen to any relationship is when it is not about two people, but one. A loss of individuality or of self has to get fatal sooner or later. You might have devoted yourself to it, but was not the relationship about you as you were. You cannot expect things to go right when you’ve changed as such. What is unchangeable is that you are an entity, and that identity you need to retain. If you’ve lost everything you had to the relationship, I’m sorry, but you getting no rewards for it.

1. The Magic of Match is lost

Often many times, it is not about either of you being a constant obstacle to the relationship, just the fact that both of you don’t feel now like you once did. And trust me, there is nothing wrong about it. Often feelings grow out of us, often we grow out of feelings and when love grows out of us there is nothing that keeps us together. When there is no love in the relationship, there is nothing about the relationship that you should hold onto, and if you don’t let it go, you must really be fond of a toxic relationship. Your choice.


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