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Tourist Surprises Monkey photographed selfie
0 Many unique and rare experience experienced by tourists during the holidays. One of them watched a monkey photographed selfie.

buy Ivermectin europe One British tourist couple certainly did not expect what happened. When it is, a tourist named Lizzy Ware and Ben Holmes visited the holy shrine in Ubud.

La Garenne-Colombes While in the holy shrine of Ubud, Lizzy Ware and Ben Holmes break for lunch.A place known as the Sacred Monkey Forest turned out to be a home for wild monkeys.

These monkeys roam and interact with tourists, including Lizzy Ware and Ben Holmes. Moreover, this tourist couple was eating one of the favorite food of monkeys, namely bananas.

As a result, many herds of monkeys surround Lizzy Ware and Ben Holmes.However, one monkey took the GoPro camera from the bag and immediately posed Ben Holmes selfie photo.

“It seems that monkeys want to get the perfect picture. It is quite interesting to see one monkey interested in cameras and produce some photos selfie himself.

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