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What Are The Things That Can not Be Bought With Money?
  • Friendship – Through the ups and downs together. When you do not have anything, they will be in your side.
  • Natural beauty – This is what always sought by the admirers of beauty.
  • Peace of mind – can only be achieved if you have an honest heart.
  • Happiness – true happiness is obtained by doing what you love and being in one thing that you believe.
  • Success – Success is simply achieved what you want.
  • Wonderful moments at one time – When the time passed, it will not happen again. So enjoy.
  • The laughter of a baby – Babies do not care about the money. They are only concerned with compassion, love and do whatever they want.
  • The surprise meeting with old friends – you have not seen for years and did not expect the meeting again, but suddenly he appeared at your side.
  • Feeling of achievement you – you set your targets and you fight until you reach the target. You vent your feelings by celebrating the success.
  • The sound of rain – Some people feel calm by listening to the sound of the rain and make into a deep sleep.
  • A very interesting conversation – you engage in interactive conversation with your colleagues and all involved.
  • The first kiss from someone who is very special – you will have a heart flowery when you receive a kiss for the first time.
  • True love – a feeling that arises when you realize that you are married to the right person.
  • Praise unexpectedly – you live your day as usual, but a friend comes to you and says that you wear clothing that fits with the color of your skin.
  • Feeling when you walk idea – you struggle to solve complex problems that you are facing. When you almost get frustrated, you try one more idea and it worked.
  • Feeling when you listen to your favorite song – you feel very upset stuck in a traffic jam, you then turn on the radio and listen to your favorite songs being played.
  • Passion of first love – you feel wonderful moments are never forgotten by you and your first love.
  • Memories of childhood events you great – Do you remember when you first learned a bike? Or climb trees together with your friends?
  • Joy when telling an interesting story – one that is quite pleasant role in life is when you tell stories, people enjoy your stories.
  • Memories with your best friend – When you are doing things that are crazy, bold or foolish, to the extent that you think now, “koq how could I used to do something stupid like that?”
  • The spirit of the passionate – True strength comes naturally to those who followed his heart. You can not pay someone to get excited about something, so also you can not pay someone to not be excited and give up.
  • Objects that have value to you – eg family photos, or painting yourself by your grandfather … something that is very valuable for you.
  • Friends were hilarious – silly jokes always make you burst out laughing.
  • Extraordinary talent that you were born – Like a genius or tape clear sound.
  • The joy of making someone smile – the smile makes you smile Because behind.
  • Practice using your five senses – Look, listen, smell, taste and touch.Each providing a special experience for you.
  • Joking with friends or family – Some unforgettable moments in life are moments you spend with jokes and laughter.
  • The warmth of your bed – No bed is more comfortable than with your own.
  • Place of residence – Money can buy a house, but not a place to stay. For residence is where your heart is.
  • The sound of wind blowing through the trees – natural sounds that you can hear around you.
  • Look and listen to the sound of the waves – another phenomenon of nature.
  • Seeing the sunrise or sunset – Especially if done together with your partner will create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Sound peace of silence – ……………… ..
  • When he says “I love you” – you know that he really the way he said and his gaze on you.
  • When someone unexpected to say happy birthday to you – An old friend who does not meet the sudden call or send sms to you at 7 am just to say “happy birthday”.
  • Gets hugs the inside of someone you care – a warm hug and in this, makes you want with him, forever.
  • Your pet dog welcomes you each time you return home – How glad no one to greet you.
  • Seeing the clouds with beautiful shape – you’ll never see the same form for the second time.
  • Carrying your newborn baby – Feel your possessions are most valuable.
  • Someone whom you can trust – He has no ulterior motive. You can tell from his eyes and feel it in your heart.
  • Beauty bright full moon – Many people take advantage of this beauty to add to the romance with your partner.
  • See lightning in the distance – a beauty at the same time something very powerful that you feel at the same time.
  • Waterfall – No matter how old your age, the waterfall as if it never stops flowing.
  • Looked lover or your baby to sleep – the time you feel how sadly you to them.
  • Rainbow – Another natural phenomenon is remarkable.
  • People who make you smile just thinking – Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, just by thinking about it can make you smile.
  • The touch of the hand of your loved ones – It is a touch that would not be owned by others.
  • When you realize that the people reading your article – There are no words that can explain it. Thank you.
  • Joy when someone comments on your blog. All bloggers will love. 😉

Dear readers, this list still a fraction of the many things that can not be bought with money. I am sure if you are me ‘rewind’ your brain, you can increase the list above.

But the message here is to always enjoy life. Things that make you happy is coming from things that can not be bought with money.Therefore, be grateful for everything that you get, you feel, who you see, what you hear and what you have today.

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