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Here is the reason why people tends to look more impressive in uniforms?

We all must have heard it that there is always a different charm in people with uniform.The reason behind it may be the charm, confidence, power, but they always tends to impress people more. Yeah, we understand the wearing the same type of dress seems to be quite boring but after reading this article you will delighted about wearing your uniform.

Here are 3 top reasons why people tends to look smarter in uniforms:

1) Confidence – We know from research that both self-confidence in one’s appearance and self-confidence in one’s ability to have good romantic relationships are highly positively correlated with facial and body attractiveness.1 In other words, greater confidence makes people feel more attractive. A confident appearance could also indicate financial security, as research finds that self-confidence and one’s positive evaluations about the self positively relate to income.

2) Power – Uniforms often convey a sense of power and authority. One study examined how participants perceived physicians who wore a white lab coat vs. those who wore casual attire. Those who wore the uniform-like white coat were viewed as more authoritative and trustworthy. In addition, women who viewed male doctors found them more physically attractive when wearing a white lab coat vs. casual clothing.

3) Similarity – If you’re in a profession that requires you to wear a uniform, you may be more likely to find others in uniform especially attractive. We know from lots of psychology research that simply thinking someone is similar to us, regardless of whether they actually are similar, has a strong influence on attraction. However, if you’re someone who routinely wears a uniform, it may be more likely that others who wear uniforms share similar views to you. That’s also important because recent research indicates that we are more attracted to others with similar attitudes.

Clearly there are several good reasons why we may find people in uniform more attractive. In fact, if you’re someone who wears a uniform or you’re simply interested in dating someone in uniform, there are dating sites that focus specifically on helping police, military, and others in uniform find love.

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