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Why is it So Hard for Women to Find True Love
“He’s not your prince charming if he does not make sure you know that you’re his princess.”
– Demi Lovato

Actually, what makes a woman very difficult to get the true love? Even a woman to fall up to get the right people. Lest cause there from within ourselves? Or even due to external factors or the environment? Hmm …

Let’s try to find out again what exactly is the reason women can be hard to get a true love? Let’s find out the answer.

1) Still Can not Out of the Past

When we were fixated and stuck in the past, wah would be hard once to open a new liver. As a result, we are so close to ourselves. Closing careful as to make people who want to approach us directly behind the body and away.You may have a love of the past. There is a first love or love monkeys that you can not forget. And you do not want to try to move on. Hard heck are in a situation like this. How can we find true love us if we are still carrying the burden of the past? So, it’s time to seek for your true love.

2) Got a lot of pressure from Others

Ripe age. Work is also already what. In terms of the age and condition of the economy, you do not have a problem. It’s just that you’re not ready to accept a new love. Or you have not found the right person. And on the other hand, those closest to you instead of giving you too much pressure.

Your parents say you want immediately from your grandchildren. Your friends are married and fanning you to quickly catch up married. With all that pressure, you so do not feel free. Your spirit to seek the true love so declined because you were too tired to face the talk of many people. Phew, sometimes people are too much to organize our lives, yes Ladies.

3) Not to Find the ‘Click’

You must have your own criteria for a dream mate. There are many men who approach you. But you have not been able to find someone who “click”. Whatever reason, you just have not been able to find someone who is right for you. You also do not want to arbitrarily choose a partner. The better single than in a relationship with the wrong person?

The issue of “click” or “click” is actually quite mysterious. Only you and your feelings out. Well, maybe this is just a matter of time and readiness to be alone. There is time later you will find someone who can complement your life. Being the best companion of your life. Love can not be forced, yes Ladies.


4) Too Busy Set Priority Problem or More

Currently you are busy with other priorities, for example careers. Finally drained of energy and your time and tercurahkan to it alone. Every day you are busy only with regard to the issue of career and employment. How could one seek his mate, set the bustle and daily routine alone is overwhelmed.

This condition also can create their own dilemma for women. On the one hand, he wants to be able to get true love in a short time. On the other hand, he must put other priorities more drain energy and time.If you like this, the question is more to the issue of priority of your life. Sometimes we have to sacrifice something to get something else. Of course, by accepting all the risks that exist.

5) Too Perfectionist

Okay, now mentioned criteria mate of your dreams? Whether it should be high, white, handsome, rich, romantic and good at playing the guitar? Have criteria will figure true love is legitimate. Just do not make the criteria it instead as a barrier or wall that prevents you to find another love.

Many know of events when you actually feel comfortable with someone who had absolutely no entrance criteria mate of your dreams. True love can come at an unexpected moment of people that we had never thought before. But it is also turning to each individual respectively. After all, you most know how to be happy with your life partner later.

6) Feeling of Inferiority and Too Many Rivals

His name lives, we often like to compare our lives with others. Comparing the advantages and all that we have with others. Including in matters of love.

Sometimes we do not realize that it ourselves that prevent us alone to get her true love. Such as feelings of inferiority because they feel less beautiful or less perfect. Or because it is too much competition. You feel hopeless even before starting out finding your true love. Ladies, each man also had a dream a couple of characters each. Who knows spouse was more like you with your unique than other women who might look more beautiful.


“Love is not an equation, it is not a contract, and it is not a happy ending. Love is the slate under the chalk, the ground that rise buildings, and the oxygen in the water. It is the place you come back to, no matter where your headed “
– Jodi Picoult

Ladies, if you currently have not found true love, be patient and keep trying as best as possible. Rest assured every person who is born into this world has been created in pairs.

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