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Why You Do not Need to Worry With Failure?

If you ever try something new and fail, I am sure that you are someone that is palatable to me than talk to people who feel everything going well or fine.

People like that in my opinion, has never tried anything new. But you are a different person …… you know from where I know? …. Because you visited my blog and read my articles, which means you want to change your life to be better than today. You want to find something new that you can apply in your life.

You have a passion and I am sure you also have a wonderful life experience. May have been a lot of failures you feel and perhaps some of you have been to the extent of your own free will confidence to achieve what you want. Can I? Did I? It seems to me no longer able to deal with failure.

The things below are a few points of failure that I want to share with you. I concentrate fully for 3 days preparing this article, hopefully it can be something useful for you. At least if there are people who greatly helped with this article, of course, will make me happy because my labor is not in vain 🙂

Failure creating new choices

You may not be able to absorb all the lessons you received from your failures, but still, it has become a treasure for you. Failure also be the right moment where you reflect back on your initial goal, look around and decided the reason why you should not give up.

buy Lyrica medication The best part of a failure is that you will be taken to a road that you had not before.

The new door will open, your relationship with some people might be getting stronger, the opposite may also your relationship with some others become distant because you failed.

Failure to train your patience

If you are a quick emotion, especially when you experience failure, it is a very natural thing. I think most people feel resentment or anger in the face of failure. But the important point is not to harbor resentment or anger you.

The second point is not trying to find things to excuse your failure.Like, I do not have the support of my partner, this result I did not have enough capital, I do not have a private vehicle for my mobility, I was born from a family of small-minded, and so on.
Once you make such things as the reason for your failure, then it will be your inner self. You will bring reason it wherever you go so that over time will poison you.

Please lampiaskan your emotions, of course, within reasonable boundaries. Maybe you want to take it to cry, cry. Maybe you want to take it to go to the cafe to listen to life music, go to a cafe.
But quite up there. Very bright future still awaits you. Rise up and walk back.

Failure is a source of creativity

Who wants a failure? But if you never expect to fail then your mind is stimulated to grow. Failure will encourage you to be more creative.

Try to remember back your childhood. If you forget, you can look at your own children or small children around you. They never afraid of making mistakes or failures. They do all the things they want to do without thinking risk. Sometimes they fall in a flash they got up and ran back.They occasionally find a dead end when a game but they did not stop, they tried to find new solutions. As a result, their minds are so creative. We can all imitate their pure minds that has not been contaminated by the surrounding environment.

Failure will optimize your potential

Maybe you have a ‘guru’ in your life or superior to careers. I believe that a good teacher or supervisor will direct you to take risks. They have a belief that the conservative mind will not make out with optimal potential.

The more often you fail, your brain will be trained to deal with problems and how to find a way out.

I believe that every person has tremendous potential with the uniqueness of each. You can know you have the potential virulence only with the courage to face the problem, there is no other way.

You gain strength by experiencing adversity

Be thankful if you experience failure or misfortune. Due to your failure being prepared to achieve greater success. You will be forged to be stronger than ever.

I will give a few illustrations:

You know the Chinese bamboo tree? If you are among those who can not wait for the growth of a plant, the bamboo tree may already be a victim.
Chinese bamboo tree will not show any significant growth during the first 6-7 years, may only grow a few tens of centimeters only. But after that time, the growth of the Chinese bamboo tree can not be dammed, he grew so rapidly and its size is no longer centimeters but meters.
Actually, what happened to the Chinese bamboo tree? …. During the first 6-7 years, he was not without growing, it’s just that we did not see its growth with the naked eye. Chinese bamboo tree growth focus at this time is at the root, not the stem. Chinese bamboo trees were preparing a strong foundation so that he could sustain a height that tens of meters.
Imagine what would happen if the Chinese bamboo tree has no roots strong enough to sustain its height? Just a little wind will make it fall.

If you often experience failure and felt scar far away from success that you dream about, it does not mean you do not progress. Precisely you are experiencing tremendous growth in yourself. Your mental being forged and geared toward the success you. Similarly, the Chinese bamboo tree.
If you only expect an instant result, whatever it is, your fate will be like a bamboo tree that does not have strong roots. Just a little shock, you’ll fall so hard.

So once again thanks to all the misfortunes and failures you, you will gain strength from it.

For those of you who want to share his things with respect to the failure, please feel free to write it in the comments.

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