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Work Motivation Only In 12 Steps

Even if you love your job, there are times when you work motivation is at its lowest. There are several reasons why this happens, but the most important thing you should know is that this happens to everyone at some point. If you follow some simple tips listed below, you can get back the things that motivate you:

1. Be Honest With Yourself

Admit that you lose motivation and you have to do something. Honesty is always the best way.

2. Why You Are Here?

It is easy to feel you are just a small part, so you need to remind yourself about the big picture of what you are doing. The reports that you put in place may not be so mean to you, but they are part of the decision-making process relating to the company’s growth. Be aware of how important the things you do every day.

3. For Who You Work?

Are you working to support the family you, your parents or to build your career? Whatever the reason that motivates your work, try to put something a reminder on a desk or on the mobile phone / tablet you. Now you have a daily affirmation as the reason why you work.

4. Read Books Motivation

This may sound silly but good reading motivational books that can make you excited. There are many motivational books are available in bookstores and maybe one of them can have a dramatic impact on you in terms of work motivation.

5. Avoid the Negative Coworkers

One drain your motivation to work is if you are surrounded by people who are negative. If you feel you lose motivation after listening to them talk, then you have problems. Try to ask for relocation work desk and give reasons why you filed it.

6. Poster Motivation

Okay, this may be a little cliché, and there are many sites that make it a joke, but the poster or motivational message is not a bad idea. Surely you prefer to be surrounded by positive messages than negative, right? It is easy to be cynical – but have the confidence to take some effort.

7. Talk

If you feel you are struggling with your motivation to work, try to talk with co-workers that you trust, or even with your boss – if your boss is quite open to discuss this. Most companies want you to feel happy and productive and help to restore your motivation.

8. Regarding the Office Gossip

Avoid, avoid, and avoid gossip around the office as much as possible.Gossip is generally originated from people who do not have enough work to make you lose focus on your work. Gossip around the office did not have the benefit, it is very damaging and gossiping about the person you might talk about you tomorrow, next week, or next month.

9. Break

If you are struggling with a problem at work or project, do not slam your head against the wall – leave the job for an hour or two and then come back. Break can give your mind a chance to find a solution to your problem – the human mind is a solution provider that is extraordinary if you give him a chance.

10. Check Your Posture

Are you sitting idle in your seat every day? The sitting position is regarded as psychologically wrong signals to your body. If your posture looks depressed and unmotivated, then your emotions will follow your posture.Try to sit up and notice how it will affect your mood quickly.

11. Drinking Water

It is amazing how dehydration can cause you to feel tired, lazy, and do not have the inspiration. 80% of the human body consists of fluids so that your body needs to be filled with enough fluid every day. Drink a few cups a day can make you feel more energetic – water is the fuel your body so take advantage.

12. Complete the work you Start

You wake up in the morning and stumble your toe. Tie you hit toothpaste.Then your car breaking down. Morning remarkable and now you will see the day you will be getting worse. See also How to Stay Motivated To Finish What Have You Begin.

Your emotional state can be changed by looking at your child’s photo, your favorite pet, or simply to watch a motivational video (if it is permitted in the workplace). For me, the video can always motivate me and make me smile.

Hope it is useful! 🙂

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