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Wow! Lively grandmother 65 Years in Action as a Pole Dancer

For some people, age is not a hindrance or obstacle. The older a person, the person could be increasingly showing the best things and surprising from him. For instance grandmother named Jiang Zhijun this.

At the age of 65 years has been stepped on, Grandma Jiang instead proficiently demonstrated its ability as a pole dancer or pole dancer. Reporting from, interest in pole dancing Grandma Jiang is due to the influence of his daughter who works as a pole dancer instructor. Since two years ago, Grandma Jiang pursue the world go jump and pole dancing. After months of intense training, he finally mastered a movement with a high degree of difficulty.

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Grandma Jiang said that he will continue to learn pole dancing. In fact, he felt that his hobby is good for health and happiness. Well, age is not an obstacle for this one frisky grandma to pursue a new hobby.

Grandma Jiang also referred to as a pole dancer’s oldest city. In addition, he also never get a gold medal in the category of elderly in a national dance competition pole in Beijing last October. Just last month, he and his daughter won a talent search competition with pole dancing to show their abilities.
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